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Can the CASE vision be saved?

Can the Automotive CASE vision be saved? It could die since it had preexisting conditions already before the virus!

“Connected” is healthy, even more robust than ever. Digitalization has pulled ahead by a decade in the past month as we all self isolate!

“Autonomous” has had some major barriers as far as private use Level 4-5 vehicles are concerned and the lack of capital resulting from the crisis will not help in the next years!

“Shared” looked to be a big hit, see Uber, Lyft. Nobody made money but we had high growth expectations for the future. These future expectations are dead, if not minimum is a major delay, what will remain of “Shared”?!

“Electric” has been very expensive and we were hoping for the breakthrough in Europe for 2020 (see VW ID.3). Now the EU has the chance to relax emission rules and save face, help carmakers avoid fines on top of the economic troubles of the day. This can push back Emobility by years. Will new entrant companies that are heavily invested in the technology survive?!

Top Tier Consultants has been working on CASE strategies for Global Automotive OEM’s and Suppliers ever since CASE came about. 2020 is the year of re-evaluation. For sure. You are staying home. So am I. Let’s start a discussion please contact me!


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