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There are real fundamentals driving growth of the Dental CAD/ CAM market: 160 m people living with missing teeth in the EU and North America. Aging population also means more missing teeth, however yearly treatment rate is still only 10% of those in need even in the most developed countries.

Out of the three main product segments Crowns and Bridges make up most of the market, 4.4 bn Euros in 2018. Within the Crowns and Bridges market segment, material usage shift favors zirconia manufacturers. CAD/ CAM market shows a 15% growth while PFM is under 1%. In the next 1-2 years it is expected that the CAD/ CAM market will overtake the PFM market globally. Long-term growth is expected to stabilize around 8-10% by 2023.

Traditionally this technology intensive industry is dominated by Western dental companies, but recently serious challenges were launched by developing country based newcomers. A new market entrant will face tough competition from market leaders, as well as from Established Aftermarket Specialists too. Captive players are clearly losing ground in terms of market share, few success factors can determine the dominant players of the future. An emerging CAD/ CAM company must overcome „low cost” image, address Distribution challenges, Customer Service and must explain to customers why their product should be bought.

This Top Tier Consultants study details what strategies can the most successful market entrants pursue and highlights potential winners and losers of the Dental CAD/ CAM marketplace.

The full study is available upon request


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